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No Fitness Hype ● Overcome Setbacks ● Smile More

We are taking back what it means to get off the couch and get active!

Our "Cactive Club" is an online monthly group to help you succeed with your exercise goals. 

First month free ends Friday!



Support Group

Working 1-1 with Lyn can mean the difference between achieving your goals and falling short. It's also this best way to ensure you're doing it right.

$ ~

Contact for pricing.

Coaching with Lyn

Published in 2018, the fun and easy style of this this 6x award winning book will delight you. Lyn holds nothing back in this step-by-step guide. A must read for all.

$ 23.99

Signed Copy:

Award Winning Book


We believe that exercise should not be dreadful but getting off the couch is the hardest exercise of all.

introducing  the  free  START-NOW  challenge

Start the free challenge now

What makes COUCH to ACTIVE so different?

The work of creating an active lifestyle actually begins while sitting on your couch!


When it comes to failed exercise plans, most people haven't figured out WHY exercising consistently is so difficult. They don't know where to start so they either make excuses or try every product promising 6-pack abs and a bikini body. 


COUCH to ACTIVE gives people tools and action-steps to solve this so they can create an active lifestyle where they thrive AND enjoy exercise.

Once this is in motion, the rest falls into place. 


It's your turn to thrive.

It's  simple

Your Pace

Daily progress with each lesson that is compelling and easy to apply.

Your Life

Each skill taught takes you one step closer to your goal.

Your Strength

You'll create a lifestyle you enjoy, and not another chore.


I'm Lyn Lindbergh, your bad couch guru.

I know you don't need someone telling you the scary stats of how sedentary we are, obesity rates, diabetes, and the impending healthcare crisis. Fear tactics aren't your thing. 


You are not lazy.

You have what it takes.

Let me show you how.

You shouldn't have to choose between family, work, your sanity, and your health.

With the COUCH to ACTIVE 1-week challenge, you'll begin to create your LIFESTYLE that includes exercise YOU enjoy. Yes, the dream to be fit will come alive for YOU!


Each lesson in the challenge gives you tangible progress towards your new life. One week from today, you will see a positive change. ​

Try out the START NOW 1-week Challenge.

Created with my 20+ years of training expertise for busy and high-performing people.

Designed for our unique lives, and aging bodies.

Start today, or spend this week wondering what you could have done.

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