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Couch to 5K for Beginners

We have a special heart to help those wanting to complete a 5K because our founder has health issues and knows how difficult and exciting a 5K can be.

Couch to 5K for Beginners

COUCH to ACTIVE helps people become empowered to exercise in a way that also honors their lives. You get crystal clear on what is holding you back and gain strategies to break barriers so you can begin living a life you love. Get motivated and get to the start line!

The COUCH to ACTIVE program helps people exercise consistently. The method works regardless of what type of exercise you are doing. For specific running coaching you can schedule personal training with Lyn. You can work independently online, get 1-1 coaching with Lyn, or do the entire program offline with pen and paper. Check it out.

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This page was made for you with ❤︎ from Lyn Lindbergh.

Author of award winning book COUCH to ACTIVE, host of the COUCH to ACTIVE Podcast, and creator of COUCH to ACTIVE. Yes, this really is Lyn and I'm a real human behind this screen.

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