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Lyn Lindbergh's book, COUCH to ACTIVE receives 2018 Best Book Awards Finalist title.

Press Release 11/21/2018

Lyn Lindbergh’s book, COUCH to ACTIVE: The missing link that takes you from sedentary to active named a top finalist in the 15th Annual Best Book Awards competition. This year’s competition yielded over 2,00 entries in over 90 categories.

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Lyn Lindbergh responds to World Health Organization (WHO) report warning of the rise in sedentary lifestyle.

Press Release 9/12/2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed major concern over the rise of inactive people globally. Countries such as the United States and the UK with their sedentary jobs were listed as at a greater risk. Lyn Lindbergh, the President of COUCH to ACTIVE provided a response to the report.

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New Approach to Fitness Tackles the Hardest Exercise of all - Getting Off the Couch!

Press Release 8/30/2018

In COUCH to ACTIVE, Bad Couch Guru Lyn Lindbergh shows you how to create an active lifestyle you love - one you can stick with for decades to come. This book isn’t about chasing a perfect bikini-body or cramming you into another “let’s fix you” fitness program. Lindbergh’s approach meets you where you are. With humor, real talk, and her trademark energetic encouragement, she helps you break through the obstacles that keep you from exercise and find ways to cultivate an active lifestyle you love.

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