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You need to accept your unique reality

Breaking Barriers #7 - I HAD TO ACCEPT MY REALITY

Let me be clear. Accepting reality has nothing to do with giving up on dreams or living less of a life than you aspire. It's the opposite.

You need to accept the reality of where you are right now - TODAY.

With that, then I could take the next tangible step towards my goal. I have asthma, so I'll likely never even come close to placing in any race in my lifetime even though I exercise and train like I should. I have a career (this is my hobby) that can at times chain me to a desk for days and make being active feel impossible. I have a couple of nerve issues, a timid left foot, migraines and food sensitivities that all try to keep me sidelined. I have a busy family (which I love dearly). My peak time to exercise in November is usually when it's also dark and rainy. I know, you also have a list that could go on and on.

By accepting your reality you can then start chiseling away at solving for it.

For each of us, our solutions will be as unique as our situations. For me, I got more serious than ever about managing my health issues, bought a treadmill desk, and made shifts to carve out more time for keep fitness in my life.

There is never a one-and-done solution.

Heads Up: What worked this year will shift next year. Constant adjustment is not failure, it is NORMAL. Look carefully at your reality - as it is TODAY. Breathe deep and keep searching until you discover your unique solutions to get fitness back in your life.


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