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Group Fitness Pre-Recorded Videos

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Greetings from Lyn. Watch me first!

Mobility and Stability

Regularly on Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM Pacific.

Mat Pilates for Beginners

Regularly on Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific.

Strength for Beginners

Regularly on Monday at 10 AM and Wednesday at 4 PM Pacific.

Strength for Beginners Voice Only

Regularly at 4 PM Tuesday Pacific.

Intermediate Mat Pilates Fusion

Regularly at 9 AM Thursday Pacific.

The video below is voice-only. If you are used to exercising with video this will be a great way to test out what it is like exercising with no video. 

If you would like a video workout try this YouTube video. It is taught by Rael Isacowitz. He is the instructor who created BASI Pilates where I received my pilates certification. His YouTube Video is on this page below the voice-only option.

Here is the video by Rael on YouTube

Stretch and Refresh

Regularly at 10 AM Saturday Pacific

For your stretch and refresh session there is no video provided. Instead, go find a very comfortable place for yourself and slowly stretch every muscle in your body. Pro tip: turn on a podcast or movie and enjoy the time relaxing into each stretch.

Lori Welcome Zoom

This is the recording of our Zoom welcome call with Lori Salmonsen that was hosted on January 17, 2022