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Cactive Club!

 1  exercise

1    minute a day

1   month


One step at a time...

(oh yea, you already know that.)

Is this for you?

You want to start exercising again.


You're a fitness junkie who loves to give everything a test drive.


It's not about a bikini body.

(but I wouldn't complain...)

what you can expect

At the end of this program, you will have completed your first step towards your active lifestyle and will know exactly what your going to do next.

Above all, you'll doing it with a smile.

(Or at least not a grimace.)

No more exercise we hate!

what's included?


Directions and Tracker


I've made the Pick ONE Challenge easy by providing printable documents with detailed directions. 

This packet also includes a blank tracker for your challenge.

The information in this packet is also in the mini-course (below) but I've found that a lot of people, myself included, appreciate the simplicity of a print-out.




The mini-course is where your Pick ONE Challenge efforts are leveled up beyond the simple mechanics of the 1 minute of exercise.  In addition to your challenge directions, the mini-course includes video lessons where I walk you through concepts such as selecting the correct exercise for you, injury prevention, mindset, going the distance, regrouping, and discovering your next steps for exercise after you complete this challenge.

There are six lessons in the course

  1. Welcome

  2. Logistics & Exercise Challenge Directions

  3. Selecting Your Exercise

  4. Day 10: Rest Days & Injury Prevention

  5. Day 20: Going the Distance & Regrouping

  6. Day 30: Celebrate & Make Your Plan


Can't Stop, Won't Stop - Reflection


When you complete your Pick ONE Challenge, it will be time to pause and reflect on everything you noticed and learned about yourself and your life. This lesson will give you a greater understanding of why exercise has been difficult in the past and guide you to create action steps to continue your improvement one step at a time.

This reflection is the perfect way to ensure that the results of the Pick ONE Challenge last far beyond 30 days.

Don't cram yourself into a box.

Tell me more please...

Details  you  can  skim


The Pick ONE Challenge is that very first step to help you get moving again. 


This mini online course and exercise challenge is a simple yet powerful way to level up the exercise in your life, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.


I created this challenge because I kept seeing so many people struggle with traditional exercise programs that require you to jump right into full-body workouts and radical new routines. It's too much to jump all-in and create lifelong habits. After so many of these failed attempts, succeeding feels impossible.

The Pick ONE Challenge keeps success achievable and makes moving fun. The exercise part of the challenge is as simple as it gets.

  • Pick 1 exercise

  • Do it for 1 minute a day

  • For 1 month

Sound easy? You may get several days in and discover this is a true challenge. This is why I've included the online mini-course. It gives a lot of support to help you succeed. 

At the end of the challenge, you'll work through a reflection exercise that gives you clarity on how the Pick ONE Challenge went, why, and what your next best steps are to continue your active lifestyle from right where you are today. There are more details about the course below.

You're not alone. I've been there. The struggle is real, and I'm here to help ensure your success and bring you a smile.


The Bad Couch Guru

Lyn Lindbergh

You've gotta start somewhere.

(What could possibly go wrong?)

get started now


Three minutes from now,

you can get started.


One month from today,

you can take your progress to the next level.

But to make it happen,

you must choose to start now.

Naw, go ahead and wait 'til tomorrow.

It's about YOU!

who is lyn lindbergh?

hi black.png

Here's a bunch of wordy stuff about me.


I am Lyn Lindbergh, the author of COUCH to ACTIVE: The Missing Link that Takes You from Sedentary to Active and President of COUCH to ACTIVE. I am also the author of this Pick ONE Challenge. I call myself "The Bad Couch Guru" because I believe life is better with a wink and a smile.


I have a degree in Education, and I spent 20 years in fortune 500 corporations in Senior Management roles overseeing training programs for companies in technology, sales and marketing, customer care, banking, aerospace, and healthcare. A few of my previous clients are Microsoft, Boeing, AOL, Praxair Industrial Gases, Philips Healthcare, and T-Mobile. The training materials I oversaw were for corporate departments of 10,000 - 30,000 employees.


I am an expert

at writing with a style

that results in real change

in people's lives.


I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Mat Pilates Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Cycling Instructor, and I have taught thousands in fitness centers. I'm a fitness influencer, blogger, podcaster, and author.

I have two chronic illnesses that leave me slow and in pain most days. No matter how perfectly I train, I will never win a race. Still, I get out and exercise every day. My health issues fuel my compassion for people and my understanding of what it really takes to get moving when life gets in the way. Even with my physical challenges, I have completed the Seattle to Portland 200-mile ride six times, and I've done multiple half-marathons, 10 triathlons, countless 5K runs. My personal favorite type of exercise is anything that gets me outdoors with friends.

I already know a secret about you. I know you don't actually care about exercising, but you know your long term health and energy depends on it, so darn it, you've got to figure this out. I'm here to help you bridge this gap, take exercise off your dreaded chore list, and it to your life in a way that helps you smile.

Last chance.

a final thought


It's decision time. This is the lowest priced resource that I provide. It costs less than one happy hour bar tab, has no hidden fees or shipping costs, and could change the trajectory of your exercise for life.


The value packed in this course is huge.

It's an easy choice.


Choose wisely my friend.

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