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Help your employees create a lasting habit of
Fitness They Love

It's no secret that helping your employees make safe exercise a priority will increase their productivity and creativity at work. However, many employees have trouble making this lifestyle shift and they are weary of the standard corporate exercise challenges and games that do not create long-term lifestyle change.


Couch to Active is here to fill that gap.

Lyn Lindbergh's high-impact program designed to create real lifestyle change that lasts for a lifetime. The concepts this program reach far beyond just exercise and are transferrable to health, food, and even on-the-job challenges. Her signature 2-Year workbook reaches employees far beyond the program and create sustained and meaningful change.


SUMMARY  of  Program


Breathe new life into your corporate wellness offerings with Lyn Lindbergh's fresh approach to helping employees move more.


Couch to Active for Companies includes...

Immersive experience inspiring employees take advantage of this program.


Eight fun and interactive virtual sessions that bring the content to life.


Participants receive a copy of the award winning book Couch to Active.


Immediate Access
Online mini-course that highlights key components for each section of the program.


Quick Coaching
1-1 access to coaching with Lyn.


Two-Year Plan
Participants receive a copy of the 2-Year Workbook that will keep their momentum going.
This is a key part of what makes this program effective and long-lasting.


Ongoing Support
For two years participants receives a monthly inspirational communication to help support their 2-Year workbook progress.


Lyn  lindbergh

Lyn Lindbergh is the founder and author of Couch to Active. She spent 20 years working in senior management roles at corporations as diverse as Microsoft, Boeing, AOL, T-Mobile, Praxair, Philips Healthcare, and AT&T Wireless. She has managed many multi-national, large-scale initiatives as well as smaller quick-turnaround initiatives. Lyn has a gift for coming into stressful environments and creating experiences that are supportive, impactful, and memorable for all.

Lyn holds a degree in Education. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor, which includes just about every class you've ever attended at your local gym. She was on staff at PRO Sports Club, a world renowned fitness center based in the Seattle area that offers over 200 weekly group fitness classes. More importantly, Lyn lives with fibromyalgia and a couple of additional long-term health issues, so she knows at a very deep level that the struggle to exercise is real. 

She is also the host of The Health and Fitness Motivation podcast, a globally distributed show with over 400 episodes on tap.

Lyn's tagline-"No more exercise we hate!"-pushes back against the mentality that exercise must be painful, difficult drudge-work to be effective. Reluctant exercisers already know what research tells us-that we're more likely to stick with exercise we enjoy.


the book

COUCH to ACTIVE: The Missing Link that Takes You from Sedentary to Active has garnered praise from reluctant exercisers to healthcare professionals to fitness industry leaders to elite athletes. Its message of compassion and reality honors the multiple priorities your employees face in their personal and professional lives. Lyn worked in corporate environments for 20 years, and she speaks directly to the challenges your employees face to get moving more.

PROGRAM  outline


Week 1: The Basics

  • What you already know about exercise but aren't doing

  • CDC guidelines for exercise

  • The importance of working with your doctors

  • Staying injury free

  • Remembering to exercise

  • Slow and steady progress

  • A healthier approach to social media


Week 2: Reach Out

  • Talking to others about your goals

  • Making exercise fun

  • Your lifestyle change will surprise others

  • Thank others for their support


Week 3: Breaking Barriers

  • Seeing barriers objectively

  • Creating a list of barriers

  • Relaxing around the barriers

  • Using walks to process potential solutions to barriers

  • The importance of wanting the change

  • Body image


Week 4: Solve It

  • Strategies to break barriers and create a life you love

  • Identifying the easiest barriers to break

  • Managing naysayers in your life

  • Identifying mini-solutions and small steps

  • Jumping on last minute opportunities to exercise

  • Breaking through stereotypes and trying different kinds of exercise

  • Creating a commitment that is impossible to flake


Week 5: Own It

  • Owning the direction of your life

  • Owning your success

  • Owning your opinions about exercise

  • Owning your heart and close relationships

  • Owning your time and work relationships

  • Owning your crazy-busy life

  • Owning your physical and mental healing

  • Owning your sleep

Week 6: Radical Change

  • Identifying if you are stuck and need a radical change in your life

  • Reminder that you are in control of your life

  • How to identify if you are stuck

  • Being brave

  • Making peace with barriers that are here to stay


Week 7: Your Next Two Years

  • Create a plan to stay on track for two full years

  • Understand how fast time flies by and the importance of making this change now

  • Understanding how after two years the changes will feel perfectly normal

  • Creating a plan for holidays and special events

  • How to quickly escape a setback


Week 8: Celebrate!

  • Celebrate the new you!

  • Review all life practices in the book

  • You are a rockstar, and here's why

Exercise Plan Examples: The exercise plan examples provided ask readers to start where they are and very slowly build with a focus on staying injury free. This is a fun book, so we also made the exercise plan titles fun.

Exercise Plans:

  • I hate exercising, but my doctor is making me do this.

  • My driver's license says I'm 55, but I'll be 30 forever.

  • Help, I graduated college and am completely out of shape!

  • I'm a chronic mess of health issues.

  • The baby won't let me sleep!

  • I hate my asthma!

  • I seriously need to lose 100 pounds.

  • I dream of completing a marathon.

  • I'm already in great shape.



  • Minimum exercise as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control

  • Monthly exercise planners

  • Weekly exercise planners

  • Life Practices (book summary)

  • COUCH to ACTIVE resources

  • Notes pages

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