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Each week we offer 10 online group fitness classes.

All classes provide amazing audio descriptions so you don't need to look at your screen to fully participate.

Designed for the ultimate beginner looking for a fun place to grow!

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Success in my classes means you showed up and did what you could. If you need to lay on your couch or bed and join us for only five minutes, that's is amazing because giving it a try even when your body is rebelling is the hardest exercise of all.
If you don't want your video on, turn it off. Classes are never recorded.
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Do you find yourself a little bit freaked out about the idea of joining an online group fitness class? If so, you are not alone. I was frustrated by how mainstream group fitness classes promoted the pursuit of unattainable air-brushed bikini bodies and called the rest of us beginners, physical rehabbers, obese, or seniors. It's embarrassing and not motivating whatsoever. They completely missed the fact that most of us have been in and out of fitness our entire lives. We are not beginners, we've just had barriers that have caused our physical bodies to not be able to keep up with our other amazing talents and life priorities. We need a space where doing our best doesn't feel like a failure. We need a place that help us get jazzed about our progress. We need a place that will never tell us our progress is small or our effort is insignificant. We need a space where every effort we make is celebrated because darn it, every effort is a huge effort. This is why I started teaching online group fitness in 2020.

If you have chronic illnesses you'll find these classes are a breath of fresh air. I encourage everyone to come as they are. Seriously, if you are having a terrible pain day, come to our group fitness class, don't put yourself on video and just to the few exercises your body will allow you to that day. You might be surprised by what you are able to do with the energy of other humans online. Here's a tip; sign up for the monthly unlimited package. With the unlimited group fitness package you can sign up for all classes and just do the bits and pieces your body will allow you to during each class. It's an amazing value.

My Mobility and Stability class is designed for people who want to exercise but health issues such as chronic illnesses or fibromyalgia makes it difficult.

I also offer voice-only classes. In these sessions everyone has their video cameras off, even the instructor. The inspiration for this originally came as a way to serve our blind clients better but they are open to everyone regardless of their vision. I've found that many people love having a class where there is absolutely zero pressure whatsoever to have a camera on.

I don't record classes. When I was a student I detested the idea of me and my messy living room being recorded. Plus, recording doesn't fit with my mission to make this a positive and comfortable space for all.

We appreciate the importance of households and connections. This is why minors (up to age 18) can join for free when in attendance with an adult.

If you have any questions, please reach. Email us at:


Hall of Fame!


The Founding 10

This is a very special list of the first 10 students who attended 10 classes. You will forever go down in history as a founding student. Congratulations!

  1. Debbie Ralston

  2. Cindy Abate

  3. Amy Murphy

  4. Steffanie Peppin

  5. Aleta Sanstrum

  6. Liesl Jones

  7. Lisa Salinger

  8. Sue Flynn

  9. Jan Bailey

  10. Caroline Towes

The Perfect 10

Once you have completed 10 group fitness classes or personal training sessions with Couch to Active you are recognized as a perfect 10!  

  1. Debbie Ralston

  2. Cindy Abate

  3. Amy Murphy

  4. Steffanie Peppin

  5. Aleta Sanstrum

  6. Liesl Jones

  7. Lisa Salinger

  8. Sue Flynn

  9. Jan Bailey

  10. Caroline Toews

  11. Judy Sanstrum

  12. Sherry LaMonica

  13. Carla Dawson

  14. April Avery Trabucco

  15. Ann Godwin

  16. Deb Cook Lewis

  17. Mary Iverson

  18. Joyce Cole

  19. Tori Bleich

  20. Nicole Wortley

  21. Sherry Gomes

  22. Mary Atwell

  23. Jeanne-Marie Moore

  24. Shannon Reece

  25. Merrilee Hill-Kennedy

  26. Donna Taylor

  27. Terri Stimmel

  28. Jason

  29. Mary Otten

  30. Patty Iorio

  31. Will this be you?

3x3 Streakers

Students who have attended 3 classes 3 weeks in a row!

  1. Debbie Ralston

  2. Amy Murphy

  3. Cindy Abate

  4. Lisa Salinger

  5. Jan Bailey

  6. Sue Flynn

  7. Sherry LaMonica

  8. Deb Cook Lewis

  9. Ann Godwin

  10. Shannon Reece

  11. Donna Taylor

  12. Mary Atwell

  13. Merrilee Hill-Kennedy

  14. Mary Otten

  15. Terri Stimmel

  16. Jason

  17. Patty Iorio

  18. TBD - will this be you?

100 Circle

Students who have attended 100 classes and/or personal training sessions.

  1. Debbie Ralston

  2. Jan Bailey

  3. Sue Flynn

  4. Deb Cook Lewis

  5. Lisa Salinger

  6. Cindy Abate

  7. Donna Taylor

  8. Shannon Reece

  9. Mary Otten

  10. TBD - will this be you?