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Dec 4-11, 2023

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Day of Rest
Sunday is our day of rest.

Do something you enjoy.

Set your intention for the upcoming week.

Remind yourself that you are worthy of health and fitness and that taking time for you!

The videos on this page are also updated each Sunday.


Stability and Mobility

Class Description

Destress with this most gentle of classes. This class focuses on gentle movements to leave you feeling relaxed, flexible, and more stable on your feet.

Equipment typically needed.

Resistance band.

Mobility and Stability (9)

Mobility and Stability (9)

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Mat Pilates for Beginners

Class Description

Increase your flexibility, core strength, stability, balance, posture in this class which will also reduce stress and tension.

Equipment typically needed.

None required, but many enjoy adding their stretchy band and pilates ring.