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Personal Training

You know you need to get started.

You know your long term health depends on leveling up your health and fitness,

but you've got challenges that go way beyond self-motivation.

Maybe you have chronic illness such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lung disease, or depression.

An on top of that possibly you are suffering from chronic fatigue and general low energy.

Maybe you are blind and need someone who's awesome at explaining the exercises.

You're facing a perfect storm that makes this feel impossible.

We are the health and fitness coaches for the rest of us.


We serve people who face physical and mental barriers to exercise and those who believe they are so out of shape they wonder if they are beyond hope but know they are worth one more try. We serve the people who are sometimes tempted to give up but deep down want to give this exercise thing another go. We serve the blind and ensure 100% of our services accessible to you!

These are the people who make us smile!

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You can do this, and I'll show you how.

How does training with Lyn work?

Get Inspired

Discover what makes you smile with health and fitness.

See this process in a whole new light.

Learn how you are uniquely setup to succeed.

Design Your Plan

Other programs don't work because they don't honor your life's priorities.

I work to ensure your plan works with your life and helps you smile.

Stay on Track

Staying inspired and making adjustments is an important and normal part of everyone's health and fitness journey.

That sounds great, but...

  • I am so out of shape.

  • I'm afraid you'll push me too hard.

  • I don't want you to make me eat gross stuff.

  • My chronic illnesses make it even harder.

  • I don't drive.

  • I'm afraid I won't like it.

That's why Lyn addresses all of these issues and more.

  • When you are out of shape, getting back into shape is hard. But it doesn't have to be heartbreaking. Your exercise plan is created to be exactly the right level for where you are. Injury-free is our fastest path to success and with consistency you'll be amazed at the improvements you make.

  • The old saying "No pain, no gain." is thankfully no longer supported by science. I believe that life brings us enough suffering and there's no need for us to suffer more willfully. Research also shows very clearly that if you feel like you are suffering during exercise you are very unlikely to stick with it. This is why we create a plan that will maximize your success with a smile.

  • Loving the food we eat is important or your results will never stick. Plus healthy eating must be convenient and affordable.

  • Chronic illness is the reason I am here today. I am fully aware of how it will be super important to honor where your body is at today. Plus, when you do have the energy or ability to move it is super important that your movements count towards something meaningful. I'll help you brainstorm through this sticky tar pit.

  • The vast majority of my personal training clients are online via Zoom. So no driving is necessary. I do offer some sessions in my studio, however, I have found that by having you exercise in your home you are more likely to associate your home with exercise which supports your success.

  • If you truly don't like it, no worries. Cancel anytime.

The My Best Self Plan

Personal Training 2021 Template image.png

Two Personal Training Sessions each Month

Plus 30% off additional sessions

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Unlimited access to the Get Started page.

Exercise anytime!

a young asian woman stretching in the room.jpg

Unlimited access to all group fitness classes.

Huge value!

Work with us from the comfort of your home.

All sessions are online via Zoom.

woman doing sports on a mat following online classes with laptop at home.jpg

Sign Up Today

Best Value

My Best Self



Every month

Fast-track your progress with 1-1 coaching!

Valid until canceled

You receive everything in the Get Strong membership plus:

1-1 personal coaching 2x/month

30% off additional 1-1 sessions

All accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

Cancel anytime

Need help deciding?

Email us your question.

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