2021 November Walking and Exercise Challenge by Couch to Active

"If we keep exercising through November, we'll be set for the winter."


How it works.

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Our daily tracker is super simple on purpose. Every day that you walk or complete some other form of exercise mark that day as complete. It's really that simple!


We are inclusive.

This event is open to anyone regardless of physical ability. It doesn't matter if you are in a wheelchair, have asthma, suffer from migraines, are blind, are too young to speak, or too old remember where you were five minutes ago. You are welcome here.

In this November walking and exercise challenge a successful day simply means you did what you could, and honored your body in the areas that it couldn't. If you have a horrible migraine and couldn't get out of bed, but you still took a moment to give yourself compassion, you get to mark that day as a success.

Life is better when we face our physical realities head on and give ourselves a little compassion when our body isn't able to keep up with our spirit.



Who is sponsoring this free event?

This event has always been free and we hope to continue to keep it that way for years to come. COUCH to ACTIVE is the parent company that sponsors the event. Their mission is simply to help people get off the couch with a smile. The t-shirt and sweatshirt sales help support COUCH to ACTIVE.

How much to I have to walk or exercise every day?

How much you exercise each day depends on your personal goals. Remember, it's all about simply getting out there and doing it. The challenge comes in not missing a day.

What happens if I miss a day?

First of all, if you miss a day because you are truly sick in bed you still get to mark it as successfull if you took a moment to give yourself compassion for the limitations you had on that day. This is harder than it seems which is why I call it a success. If you miss a day because you forgot, just wasn't feeling it, or fell into a carbohydrate pizza comotose, then take a moment to think through what happened, see if there are any lessons learned, and then move onto the next day with a fresh start. Please do NOT drop out even if you miss a lot of days. This is your health after all.

What if I forget to check-in on Facebook or don't use Facebook?

No worries. Facebook is getting more and more frustrating for me (Lyn) to use because it won't consistently show you the daily reminder, and it spits us out feeling iky. Some year I'm going to update this so we will no longer rely on Facebook to collaborate and cheer each other on. But alas, for now we are stuck there this year.

What if I get sick and can't exercise?

If you get sick you can still get credit for the day. During your sick day take a few minutes to give yourself a massive dose of self-compassion. Allow yourself heal and breathe deep. If you do this, then you get credit for the day as if it was a successful day. Remember, part of what we need to learn is that life will always throw us curve balls. Our immediate reaction is normally to get angry or fill our minds with negative self-talk. We need to break this habit and insead give ourselves room to heal.

Why can't I buy a 3XL - 5XL shirt on Amazon with everyone else?

Because Amazon doesn't care. Actually, I have no real info on why they only go up to 2XL in sizing. However, we do have 3XL - 5XL availalbe for sale. My goal is that next year I'll get the sweatshirt ball rolling sooner and can offer everyone the same shopping experience. Insider Note: A few months back I thought about refusing to buy clothing from any clothing manufacturer that doesn't offer options through a size 4XL. After months of searching to dress myself I realized how terrible of a job our nation is doing at providing exercise clothing options for all sizes. The pickings are so slim (no pun intended) that I gave up because it was too hard.

I have another question.

Please send questions to beawesome@couchtoactive.com It would be our honor to help you make this event amazing!

Who is Lyn Lindbergh, the Bad Couch Guru?

Well hello there, I'm Lyn your Bad Couch Guru. I could call myself the founder and CEO but really, who cares? Life is better with a wink and a smile. I'm the person in the videos at the top of this webpage. You can learn more about me on our "ABOUT" tab at the top of this page.

What is COUCH to ACTIVE?

COUCH to ACTIVE is for anyone who has ever found themself saying, "I should exercise more but..." COUCH to ACTIVE has one mission: I help people get off the couch and exercising with a smile. This is not an exercise program and I don't sell magic potions, pills, or secrets. Instead, I help de-program you from what the fitness industry mantra and help you figure out how this exercise thing fits into your life. I'm your Bad Couch Guru, Lyn Lindbergh. I wrote the award winning book titled COUCH to ACTIVE and host the COUCH to ACTIVE podcast. Learn more: http://www.couchtoactive.com/about

What if I can't print the tracker?

It's okay! Just use any calendar or tracker you have in lieu of this printed tracker.

Do I have to buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt?

No. However, the t-shirt and sweatshirt sales are the only source of income for this year's November Walking and Exercise Challenge. So please, get yourself a sweatshirt, or pick up a copy of the book COUCH to ACTIVE.

Do I have to walk? Or does other exercise count?

All exercise counts. The purpose of this challenge is to get us back into the habit of exercise as the weather gets colder and darker. You make your own daily goal for the month. I could be a daily walk, or sticking to your exercise plan, or a little of both. If you have special needs or are sick, then your success-goal for that day is simply to give yourself compassion and watch out for your negative self talk. That's a successful day. Also, be sure to check in daily on Facebook and cheer on the rest of the group.

What if I'm in a wheelchair, am blind, am going in for surgery, am having a baby, am dealing with anxiety, gained 100 pounds last year, or all of the above?

Please join us! Your daily goal will be based simply on thinking about what you can do on any given day and then giving yourself compassion for what you can't do. If you did what you could for a day, you get to mark it as a successful day...because it is.

Is there a finisher medal?

Unfortunately not yet but let us know if you are interesed in this for future years. You can email Lyn at beawesome@couchtoactive.com