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The September 30-Day Challenge to Get Your #assoffthecouch! is DONE

This 30-Day Challenge is already in progress. Join our mailing list and you won't miss out on the next adventure.


You want to exercise,

I'll help you get there

Imagine finally getting in the exercise your body needs every single day. Imagine making BIG progress in figuring out how to do this for the rest of your life. Imagine this whole process bringing you more happiness.

It might seem impossible, but we have cracked the code on this one and want to share it with you.

This is a two part 30-Day Challenge that runs for the month of September.

  • Part 1
    30-Day Challenge to exercise every single day in September.

  • Part 2
    A daily email guided discovery that helps you figure out how to have an active lifestyle in a way that brings more happiness to your life...and not just another chore.


In the guided discovery you will re-think what place exercise has in your life, and you will shift towards a new normal so that exercise comes with less grit and more ease. Each morning you will receive an email from me, Lyn Lindbergh. Within each email you'll review one micro-topic with me and make your exercise plan for the day.


It is fun, empowering, and helps you shift to a new normal. Be happy, be healthy!

there's prizes!

Each Friday, I'll be hosting a Facebook Live with prize drawings. You do not need to be present to enter, but you do need to be registered.


I currently have over $300+ in prize giveaways

which we'll announce soon.

I'm Lyn Lindbergh, the founder of COUCH to ACTIVE and the host of this September event! 

I'm on a mission to help our nation puzzle out how to be active when life is so darn busy! 

After decades of working through this in my personal life, I am passionate to help others with this journey. Success doesn't need to be made of pure grit - I'll show you how!

already registered?

Download your copy of the 30-Day Tracker here.

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