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Praise for COUCH to ACTIVE

In a 'wellness' era characterized by magic-bullet gym memberships, expensive training sessions, and even some shaming, it’s refreshing to see Lyn’s approach! Everyone's circumstances are unique, but the notion of just getting moving - on a realistic path toward a more active life - is important. Lyn gets it!

~Mark S. Peterson, Co-Founder and GM of Lard Butt LLC (Lard Butt 1K events)

COUCH to ACTIVE is one of the best programs out there for helping people ditch their sedentary lifestyles and get moving. Lyn's passion for getting America MOVING again leaps off the page. You can't read her work without coming away inspired and motivated to change. What I love most is that her program isn't just a list of dos and don'ts. She encourages her audience to dig deep, think through barriers, relentlessly pursue breakthroughs, and spread the word to those around them. This isn't a prescriptive, one-size-fits-all diet and exercise plan. This is about creating a sustainable lifestyle that's one big part of a life you love.

~Amy Rose Davis, Story Consultant.


Reading Lyn's book is a different kind of experience for those contemplating tackling a self-help book. Her writing feels like a conversation with a friend while sitting on the couch having wait, while taking a brisk walk around the soccer field during our kids' game. The decline in physical activity is the single greatest public health threat of our lifetimes. Lyn looks at the monumental challenge facing adults attempting to create work-life balance and provides creative and practical solutions in such a natural way. It feels like great advice from a good friend!

~Harlow Robinson, Executive Director of Healthy Futures and Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

True beginners needing to make a fresh start are underserved by the mainstream fitness industry. COUCH to ACTIVE meets those who have fallen through the cracks where they're at. It speaks to those who are exhausted, those who are overwhelmed, those who are hurting, and those who are sick of regular fitness approaches. As a fitness professional who specializes in core rehabilitation and helping those who aren't ready for the insanity of typical workouts, I'm so delighted to see this book hit the shelves!

~Beth Learn, Founder and CEO of Fit2B Studio

I love the message of COUCH to ACTIVE. As a life-long athlete with physical goals still to achieve, I maintain my fitness by prioritizing training time in my daily routine. If just showing up is daunting, Lyn provides sensible advice on how to achieve that goal peeling away the intimidation.

~Erden Eruç, holder of 15 Guinness World Records and first person to circumnavigate the globe solo by human power.

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Lyn's approach in COUCH to ACTIVE is completely different from any other book or program out there. She helps her readers create a true habit by helping them through every step of the process. She leads us through overcoming every possible setback and helps prepare us for the hardest part of the journey to living an active lifestyle--making sure we're mentally ready to stick with it. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to get up off the couch, or who has been frustrated by plans in the past that they haven't been able to follow.

~Dr. Beth Brombosz, Author of Yoga for Runners

Lyn had me at "Do you want to walk?" It was an easy ask that turned into a lifestyle change. I can walk, I can avoid the couch time after a long day of work, I can do this! And I did it..and made it fun...and haven't stopped. My focus on exchanging couch-time for walk-time or bike-time or other exercise-time has evolved. My habits have changed and my attitude about being active is a primary value in my life. A simple walking challenge changed my life! Thanks Lyn!

~Kevin O'Brien, Completed all November Walking Challenges


This is the real deal about creating the life you want and deserve. Lyn has done a fantastic job of breaking down the change we desire in bite size pieces that are poignant yet palatable. What I love about COUCH to ACTIVE is the wholistic approach it takes to becoming your best self.

~Vida Bratton, Founder of Healthy Curves Rock!


“I believe I am worthy.”


That audacious statement may challenge you if, like me, you grew up believing the gender stereotypes, social myths, and unsustainable social expectations ingrained by family and society at large. But it’s a bold mantra to embrace!


Lyn shares powerful secrets we’ve heard before but, for whatever reason, we ignore, scoff at, or simply refuse to accept. With humor, insight, compassion, encouragement, and enthusiasm, she leads you through mental and physical steps to help you achieve a stronger body, improve your health, and enjoy life more.


Warning: The time it takes to get from “COUCH to ACTIVE” will probably take longer than you either want or expect. Living healthy and actively is a journey, not a destination. But, with Lyn as your guide, you’ll come to enjoy each step along the way and stay injury-free.


Remember, you’re worth it!

~Bonnie Parrish-Kell, Publisher and Chief Diva at Slowpoke Divas

COUCH to ACTIVE makes fitness achievable and accessible for everyone. I love how Lyn motivates her readers to make movement a part of their everyday lives - and create true and sustainable habits that will help them feel their best day in and day out.

~Jamie King, Founder of Fit Approach

Lyn gets it. She cuts through the hype the fitness industry has filled our minds with and gives clear strategies to help people live an active lifestyle. If you’re still sitting on the couch, you’ve tried grit and you know about willpower, and those strategies have failed you. COUCH to ACTIVE will take you down a new path that leads to a life you love and a healthy lifestyle you will want to stick with for life.

~ Kim Peek, Founder and Chief Wellness Warrior at Power of Run and host of Power Up Your Performance Podcast



Thank  You!

"No more exercise

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"Live a life

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