BOOK & COURSE - How to Start Exercising Consistently with a Smile.


Have a strategy in place to make sure your are doing it right. 


This is the Independent Online version of COUCH to ACTIVE.


With the 8-week experience you will be sure to get your active lifestyle up and running without missing any key steps. Bad Couch Guru, Lyn Lindbergh uses a combination of focused training and reminders to keep you on track.


On day one of your experience, you will receive access to all 8-weeks weeks of training videos. In these videos you hear directly from expert Lyn Lindbergh on how to maximize each concept in your unique life. Her fun, witty and laid-back style will leave you feeling like you've made a new friend who's got your back.


Then each week for 8-weeks Lyn will send you a reminder of exactly what to work on so you maintain focus on your progress. Track your progress, focus on key areas, and see week over week improvement.

Week 0: Welcome

Week 1: The Basics

Week 2: Reach Out

Week 3: Breaking Barriers

Week 4: Solve It

Week 5: Own It

Week 6: Radical Change

Week 7: Your Next Two Years

Week 8: Celebrate


Includes the full online course above PLUS a copy of the COUCH to ACTIVE book.


Plus, you'll receive these amazing bonuses.


  • The Escape a Setback: Life throws us curveballs. Use this to ensure you can quickly reset when your life is crazy-as-banannas. 


  • Two Full Years of Monthly Refresh Guides: That's right, for two full years you will receive a monthly refresh reminder from Lyn Lindbergh to ensure you are staying on track the Two-Year plan you created during Week Seven of your program. Amazing!


Live a life you love!

Independently Online - How to start exercising consistently with a smile.


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