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Winner of the 2018 Best Book Awards Finalist Title!


Paperback or hardcover.


This is for a personalized signed copy of Lyn Lindbergh's book titled COUCH to ACTIVE. Lyn will be personalizing each signed copy. When you place your order be sure to mention who you would like the book to be signed for.


If you’re like most Americans, your fitness story is a string of lapsed gym memberships, failed diets, and long stretches of sedentary life with brief bursts of “this time I’m really going to get it done” training programs. And like most Americans, you probably bemoan your lack of grit and discipline and have a string of “if onlies” in your head when it comes to exercise.


“If only I had more time…”

“If only I didn’t have this injury…”

“If only I had the money to buy my own equipment or join a gym…”


What if you could go from COUCH to ACTIVE in just 8 weeks—without pills, potions, programs, or special equipment?


Bad Couch Guru Lyn Lindbergh shows you how to create an active lifestyle you love—one you can stick with for decades to come. This isn’t about shiny Instagram fitness culture or “one size fits all” fitness programs. Lyn’s approach meets you where you are. With humor, real talk, and her trademark energetic encouragement, she helps you break through the obstacles that keep you from exercise and find ways to cultivate an active lifestyle you love.


Imagine yourself with more energy, living a life you love, embracing a crazy-as-bananas life that includes exercise you enjoy. COUCH to ACTIVE can get you there in just eight weeks.

Don’t cram yourself into someone else’s box—one that doesn’t let you live the life you want. Pursue a life you love.


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Hardcover and Paperback

258 pages

Made in USA

Signed copy: COUCH to ACTIVE

SKU: 2018BookPre
  • Due to the custom signature of each book, we unfortunately cannot return books signed books at this time.

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