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Scroll through this page for an overview of the COUCH to ACTIVE program.

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What to expect

COUCH to ACTIVE is designed to quickly create real and lasting transformation in people's lives.

It is an 8-week program designed to get you from a sedentary life to an active lifestyle in a manner that will leave you loving your life more than ever.


Below is a high-level overview. No more failed exercise plans, no more wishing you could.

Take a moment to skim a few highlights of the program below.


Then schedule your discovery session with Lyn today.

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my body needs exercise

Think about this: staying active is pretty much the only thing that all scientists agree on. Regardless of age, race, religion, or political views, all science agrees that staying active is important for your health.


Yet, the majority of us struggle to even come close to attaining a baseline of activity to help prevent disease.



My body needs exercise. I need exercise. Lyn Lindbergh, COUCH to ACTIVE.

step 4

i'm HEALING myself

When it's within your control, injury-free must be your decision 100% of the time.

We will discuss how this applies to your specific situation and make a plan for it.

Step 2, I am healing myself. No overuse injury. Exercise. Lyn Lindbergh. Injury free. Exercise injury.

activity recommendations

This is the Center for Disease Control's recommendations for the activity YOU NEED to help reduce overall health risks. We compare this to where you are at today and make a plan of action.


150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise

2 days of muscle strengthening

exercise recommendations. Weekly exercise recommendations. How much should I exercise? How much exercise? Exercise guidelines. How much exercise do I need? Lyn Lindbergh

call your doctor

You body is yours alone and you have your own complex set of physical and environmental factors. There is no one size fits all, and that includes exercise and health needs. We look at this together and then you'll take the necessary follow-on steps.


START YOUR pick-1-challenge

Here's how the PICK-1-CHALLENGE works:

  1. Pick 1 exercise.

  2. Do this exercise 1 minute every day for a month.

  3. Track it.


It's that simple.

There's a lot to why this is a powerful tool, and how it will work with you.

PICK-1-CHALLENGE. 1 month fitness challenge. COUCH to ACTIVE fitness program. Getting started with fitness

IT'S TIME TO Get social

Going public with your goals is much deeper than making connections and finding accountability.  It's the beginnings of shifting how you see yourself and how others see you with regards to being active. It's the first step of what eventually makes all of this stick.

create an active life. adding fitness. exercising. starting to exercise. Lyn Lindbergh. COUCH to ACTIVE.

What if my support network feels weak? 


Sometimes the people closest to us aren't ready to support our goal, and sometimes they flat-out make it incredibly difficult. Other times, we just feel alone. If you are currently faced with this, then this step will be difficult. It will also be a very important step for you. We will look more closely at how to manage this challenge in future steps.


In the meantime, be sure to schedule your discovery call with Lyn right away. I'm there for you.



The empowering piece of this exercise is when we recognize that we don't have to break through all of our barriers at all. In fact, most of our barriers can stay right where they are - barriers. Everyone has barriers. I have barriers and always will. You also have barriers to being active and always will.



The more clarity you have of your unique life, your goals, and how to get there, the better chance you will have of reaching those goals. This step requires the most sustained focus of all steps in this program. 


You are going to dig deep, challenge your assumptions, and see your life in a new light. 

Making time for exercise. Can't find time to work out. Lyn Lindbergh. COUCH to ACTIVE. Motivational Interviewing. Fitness motivation. Exercise motivation. Time for exercise.

You're not giving up

Your transformation has happened very quickly. Now, it will realistically take a full year before you begin to feel settled into your new active life. However, after a year, the magic finally happens. This is when your NEW NORMAL begins to take root. Your new-normal becomes your normal-normal.

Here, we do the work needed to ensure your new transformation sticks. It's one of my favorite sections we'll work through together.

It will take 1 year for your transformation to feel normal. Finding time for exercise. COUCH to ACTIVE. Don't have time for exercise. Lyn Lindbergh. Fitness. Fitness Motivation.

are you stuck?

The struggle is real.

Many of us are facing challenges that are bigger than we realized and might need to make some huge and difficult decisions to transform your life.

It could also mean that you are experiencing a unique season of your life and you need to give yourself extra compassion. 

The good news is that when you feel completely stuck, it actually means you haven't given up on your dream to make a breakthrough.


It means there's still hope.

Your massive frustration is where radical transformations begin. We look closely at this together and make a plan.

Feeling stuck. Trying to exercise. Don't have time to exercise. COUCH to ACTIVE

makE your 

move to an

active lifestyle

what's next?
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