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Start Exercising with a Smile

Taught by the creator of COUCH to ACTIVE, Lyn Lindbergh will dial you in on how to maximize success for your unique life. Her fun, witty, and laid-back style will leave you feeling like you've made a new friend who's got your back.

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When life throws us curveballs those that have a solid exercise lifestyle in place that honors their unique life and helps them smile, are the most likely to succeed. This is even more critical when life becomes crazy-as-bananas. This is why COUCH to ACTIVE is not afraid of life challenges, we embrace them. Watch the short videos featuring our creator Lyn Lindbergh, complete the assignments and find yourself breathing a big sigh of relief as you head towards an active lifestyle with the confidence that this time it will stick.

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"This is not a typical exercise book at all. It reads like you're having coffee with a good friend."


—  bbmohr48

We are inclusive.

This course is open to anyone regardless of physical ability. It doesn't matter if you are in a wheelchair, have asthma, suffer from migraines, are blind, are too young to speak, or too old remember where you were five minutes ago. You are welcome here.

COUCH to ACTIVE defines a successful day simply meaning you did what you could and honored your body in the areas that it couldn't. If you have a horrible migraine and couldn't get out of bed, but you still took a moment to give yourself compassion, you get to mark that day as a success.

Life is better when we face our physical realities head on and give ourselves a little compassion when our body isn't able to keep up with our spirit.

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