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 1  exercise

1    minute a day

1   month

how it works

  • Pick 1 exercise
  • Commit to it 1 minute a day
  • For 1 month
It's that simple, and to make it even easier, I have a tracker you can print.
Get your copy of  the tracker

Is this challenge for you?

You want to improve a specific muscle group.

You're trying to figure out how the heck you'll ever fit fitness back into your life and you want to start somewhere.


You're a fitness junkie that loves to test out everything.

what's lyn up to?

In February, a group of my pals and I completed the PICK-1-CHALLENGE.

I chose calves.


Easy right? Not exactly. One minute of calve raises is a lot. On day 1 my calves burned after just a few seconds.  On day 5 they started to cramp, so I took a day off to stretch. By day 28, my calves were ripped...with only 1 minute a day.

August 2017 update: This month I'll be doing caves and publishing a daily update on our Facebook GROUP page!

is this free?

Yes, this is free. I'm on a mission to help people find their active life that unintentionally took a back seat long ago.  This is your first small step.

However, you need some skin in the game.

So if you do this challenge, PROMISE me you will print the tracker and put it somewhere that you and OTHERS will see.  Then, tell at least one friend about your PICK-1-CHALLENGE and your desire to be MORE ACTIVE. 


WHEN YOU SUCCEED message me and let me know.

This  will make us both SMILE.

tell us about your pick-1-challenge

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