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Hello friends of NAMI,

You have reached this page through your connection with NAMI. Welcome to Couch to Active!

I'm here to help you achieve your food and exercise goals. I specialize in helping people with chronic illnesses, aging, living with vision loss, and beginners. 

If you have signed up for the NAMI event you will automatically receive my signature 8-week online experience. for free! This is a $99.00 value that will jump-start your progress.

As an added bonus friends of NAMI also receive 30% off of select services such as personal training, exercise plans, and C25K kickstart coaching by using code: NAMI at checkout. You can see a preview of these below.

Most importantly, be sure to attend the NAMI / Couch to Active mindset and exercise series. See below.

It would be my honor to serve you.

Lyn Lindbergh

Join the free NAMI Mindset and Exercise Sessions

This free series has already started but you are welcome to join.

It runs each Saturday through July 17th.

To join email and let Lyn know you'd like to be added to the Saturday NAMI Kickstart.

Join this free series and rediscover your motivation for exercise and health.

This one-time-only series is hosted by award winning author and personal trainer Lyn Lindbergh. Lyn is the host of the Health and Fitness Motivation podcast, and author of Couch to Active.

This is a Zoom session where all video is optional and attendees participate as they can.

Each Saturday June 5 - July 17, 2021

Weekly Itinerary:
9:00 - Welcome!
9:05 - Motivation with Lyn: New topic each week
9:15 - It's time to exercise! (Created for Beginners)
9:40 - Meditation/Relax and Refresh
9:45 - Have a wonderful day! (Q&A)

30% off Select Services

Thank you for supporting NAMI Eastside.

30% off all select coaching services on

enter code: NAMI
at checkout


Lyn Lindbergh, the author of the 6x award winning book COUCH to ACTIVE: The Missing Link that Takes You from Sedentary to Active, host of the COUCH to ACTIVE podcast, Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Fitness Influencer, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Creator of COUCH to ACTIVE.

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