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Meet with Lyn

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Meet with Lyn Lindbergh to determine your next best steps to creating a healthy life you love.


Award winning book by Lyn Lindbergh


Conquer the couch and find your motivation again with this 6x award winning book.


Self-Paced Online Course

The 8-Week Experience

Get your active lifestyle up and running with the confidence it will stick!

Includes amazing bonuses worth more than the price of the course.


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5-Minute Exercise Mindset Makeover

No more exercise we hate! That's right, with this quick guide you'll reframe your thinking and be inspired to give this exercise-thing one more try.


 Guide Sent to Your Email

How Much Exercise Strengthens Our Heart?

You've been exercising a while and now want to look into safely strengthening your heart. This worksheet "Exercise for Hearth Strength" is based on recent research completed on previously sedentary middle-aged adults. 


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Exercise Your Emotions

Use exercise and movement to manage your emotions. This is NOT a "just go run, you'll be happy" platitude, but rather an actual set of steps that will train you to identify and shift your emotions to the state YOU want them to be. 


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Minimum Exercise Recommendations

We know we should exercise more, but where do we start? This worksheet teaches the minimum exercise recommendations and includes a tracker to help get you started.

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