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Fit2B Studio - Relying solely on GRIT for exercise is bogus.

Lyn's guest appearance on Fit2B Radio.

What if you stop “gritting” your way through your workouts and try something different? I believe that getting and staying in shape requires LESS than grit. This podcast is full of ideas and inspiration to help you make exercise a more natural part of your day. After all, how does dreading your workout motivate you?

Let’s talk about how we can get back to enjoying exercise!

A few quotes from the interview.

"I didn't want to spend an hour every day hating my life while I exercised. No. I knew there had to be a better way."

"...and this is where the magic of life transformation begins."

"I went through what I call my dirty-thirties. I had so many difficult things happen all at once that for about three years I doubted I could ever genuinely feel joy again. I knew in my head I could get there, but in my heart I just wasn't there."

"If you love Fit2B (or any fitness program) but you struggle to consistently do the program, then COUCH to ACTIVE will help you get there."

"McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy...aww!"

About Fit2B Radio:

Beth Learn, founder of Fit2B and Chris Behkne, the host of Fit2B Radio. Fit2B Studio is an online gym in the form of a massive library of workout videos and nearly 200 exercise routines including pilates, yoga, pre-natal, weights, tabata, functional cross training, stretching, ball workouts, relaxation, and more!


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Did you know about the COUCH to ACTIVE program?

COUCH to ACTIVE is on a mission to help people break free of their sedentary lifestyle. The COUCH to ACTIVE program for people who are serious about going from COUCH to ACTIVE. This is a top of it's class 8-week program that I practice in my own life. I teach you how to fit exercise into your life so you can focus on living a life you love.

If this resonates with you, then book your free discovery call with me now. During this call you'll share about your life and we'll together get you clear on what the best next steps are for you. You'll also receive a customized one-week exercise plan and my thoughts on the #1 thing you can do to help get your active lifestyle rolling. The #1 thing is a real tip, not a smoke screen for "buy my program."

If the program is NOT a good fit, I will tell you. This is NOT a pressure sales call, but a true discovery session to serve YOU. Many people leave the call saying this was THE most valuable time they spent on their fitness ever.

Why do I do these calls? These calls make me smile. They put me in a position to serve more people and learning your unique story keeps me sharp. It keeps my feet on the ground so I can continue to serve better each day. Whether you join the program or not, the call will get you thinking, change your perspective, and give you more hope. It makes me happy to know that I've served so many people.

Live a life you love,

Lyn Lindbergh

Your bad couch guru


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