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Dive deep into past struggles, current projects, and future goals with Lyn Lindbergh.

Jenn Taylor the host of The Naked Podcaster interviewed Lyn. They dive deep into her past struggles, current projects, and future goals.

Lyn was such a blast, discussing how she completed college even though she had a horrible reading comprehension issue (spelling was tough too!). We discuss ending her relationship with a strict religion, ending her marriage, obsessing over her weight, going corporate over teaching because it paid well, how exercise marketing is bullshit, building self-esteem, and having second chances. Lyn calls 3 years in her 30's her "dirty 30's" because she experiences 7 deaths and the unraveling of her relationship.

Couch to active has won 6 awards so far and clients can choose the book, coaching, support group, plus the blog and podcast.

PLUS, she and her husband have a podcast about second chances. Find it here:

In Lyn's words:

Working 1-1 with me can mean the difference between achieving your goals and falling short. It's also the quickest way to create your active lifestyle.

My #1 goal for you is for you to create an active lifestyle you love, one that helps you smile more and honors the priorities you have in your life today.


Learn more about COUCH to ACTIVE here.

Get a copy of Lyn’s book on Amazon.

Get the Minimum Exercise Recommendations here.



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