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Is the KETO diet right for you?

The Keto Diet.

What is it?

Is it a fad?

Is it good or bad for someone with diabetes?

Is it dangerous long term?

Is the Keto flu a real thing?

Or is it all just another fad diet?

I had the opportunity to learn from medical experts on the topic of the Keto Diet. They knew their science and explained Keto in the most unbiased way.

The best they weren't trying to sell me protein powders, or magic Ketogenesis powders.

What a breath of fresh air!

I learned that Keto actually can help many, and it can also be very hurtful for others.

In this episode I share what I learned to help you decide if Keto is right for you.

The COUCH to ACTIVE podcast is hosted by Lyn Lindbergh, creator of COUCH to ACTIVE and award winning author. Lyn provides coaching for people who want to finally conquer the couch!

At COUCH to ACTIVE I believe that exercise should be fun and getting off the couch is the hardest exercise you will ever do. Book your free call with me today.

Get a copy of Lyn’s book on Amazon.



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