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Group Fitness with Staci Alden

Have you ever peeked into a group fitness class at a gym wondered what the heck is going on in there? You hear the loud music and the instructor seems to enjoy yelling at people. How could that possibly be fun? The participants are bouncing around the room all sweaty, or they are riding a bike that goes nowhere, or they seem to just be laying down on a mat. What in the world is this all about? Get ready to break your stereotypes and be inspired to try out one of these classes at your local gym!

In this interview, I ask Staci the dumb questions about what really happens inside of group fitness classes, so you don't have to. You're welcome!

  • Will you kick me out of class if I show up wearing jeans?

  • What if I eat a big bean burrito before class?

  • Isn't Pilates and Barre just for the skinny girls?

  • Is the instructor going to yell at me?

  • What is group fitness anyway?

  • And more...

Let's take a look at group fitness in a whole new light and inspire you to give it a try. Besides... What's the worst thing that could possibly go wrong?


Meet Staci Alden:

Staci is the director of Group Fitness at the premiere PRO Club. She manages a large staff that offers over 200 group fitness classes weekly at the gym. She holds certifications in just about every fitness area you can imagine.

(Image above, center.)


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