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When health issues make exercise difficult.

For so many of us it's not that we don't want an active lifestyle, but rather we have big health issues that have gotten in the way.

To compound the issue, sometimes is feels like the second we resolve one health issue, another one creeps up to take it's place. To make matters worse, we are then bombarded with exercise and fitness advertising that tells us we should be chasing bikini bodies and sweaty six-pack abs. It's discouraging to say the least. I'm dealing with this in my own life right now. This morning I'm headed to yet another appointment to try to figure out the mystery behind a couple of health issues I've had for years that have become my biggest barriers to exercise. I hear you, it can be difficult. So where do our health issues leave us exercise? I remind myself of two core statements.

I am here to heal. Today, I will do what I can.

Our lives can only be lived one hour at a time. Each day, I do what my body will allow me, and I commit to being compassionate towards where I am at today. If I catch myself obsessing over whether or not I'll ever be "back to my old self" I do my best to STOP, BREATHE, and SMILE.


My reality is my reality. I must face it head on, and compassionately keep doing what I can. It's this life practice of doing what I can each day that has kept me as strong as I am today. I share this with you because I know many of you need to be reminded of this message. You are not alone. In fact, you are part of the majority. As you make your active-lifestyle plans for the weekend add in a big dose of compassion for your health issues and be proud when you simply do what you can right now. Hugs to you my friend, Lyn


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