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Fat shaming and body shaming interviews

Neuroplasticity and creating lasting habits with James Garrett

A tender and heart felt episode on the topic of fat shaming and body shaming. This is a complex topic that COUCH to ACTIVE is just beginning to take a closer look at.

Please listen carefully with an open and compassionate heart.

Thank you,

Lyn Lindbergh

Your Bad Couch Guru

Here's your homework for this episode.

When you complete this assignment you will have a heightened ability live with compassion for yourself and others.

Your Assignment: Listen to the entire episode carefully. Then a week or two later, listen to the entire episode again to see what new insights you hear that you missed the first go-around.


About the Interviewees

Rebecca Scritchfield - USA

Author of Body Kindness

Jessica Schiller Silverman - FL, CA, Chicago

Founder Mo'Zen Wellness, Author and Speaker

Bevin Branlandingham - CA

Creator of Fat Kid Dance Party

Owen Lewis - Dublin, Ireland and UK.

Fitness Coach and Author

Jennifer Nelson - Seattle

Owner Metropolist Real Estate Group

Esther Marie McNary - Houston

Founder of Joyful Wellness Girl

Nandita Kondepudi - Seattle & India

Senior Instructional Designer



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