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The experiment that made me feel better about Netflix binges. 👀

lady on chair with remote control

I pride myself in not watching many TV series. When I travel, I hardly even notice that there is a TV in my hotel room. I wouldn't even know what to watch if I turned it on. I don't avoid the TV for any philosophical reason, I simply don't like to stare at a screen after spending much of my day staring at a computer.

I'll own it, I'm a weirdo.

However, right now is different. I'm in a new phase of life where I am spending a lot of weekends enjoying Netflix binges. Why? I'm now raising teenagers. Weekend Netflix binges have become a way we connect. We can easily blow an entire evening tearing through an entire series well past midnight. With only momentary breaks between shows for more popcorn, my FitBit will start buzzing my wrist reminding me to get up and move.

What I do in the middle of a Netflix binge.

I don't like to get on a treadmill, jog in place, or do jumping jacks while watching TV with others. If you enjoy to, don't let me discourage you for a second. But getting in a cardio workout while watching complex plots and trying to predict which characters will still be alive sounds terrible to me. So instead, I choose one episode and stretch.

Before you decide if this is not for you, I encourage you to give it a try by make an experiment out of it.

lady stretching

The Netflix-binge stretch experiment:

  1. Get on the floor or couch and stretch while you watch one show. Don’t worry about doing your stretches perfectly. Do keep the stretching gentle and injury free. 💗

  2. If anyone in your house teases you or looks at you weird, you have my permission to ignore them. 🙂👍🙌

  3. At the end of one show ask yourself how you feel. Do you feel more alive? Do you feel more at peace? Don’t try to force a solution, just use this as an experiment to learn more about yourself and what you enjoy. There are no wrong or right answers, only your authentic experience.

If stretching during the show was a good experience for you it means you have discovered way to gain flexibility and mobility without needing grit or self-discipline.

Congratulations! 🎉🎈🎊

Try this, and let me know how it went!


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