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Stephanie Dalton - Could hiring a nutritionist be your missing link?

Could hiring a nutritionist be the best thing for you?

Stephanie Dalton walks us through the ins and out of what you can expect.

In this episode, Stephanie gives us encouragement and hope when it comes to dialing in our food and lifestyle. She teaches the basics of a "non diet" eating pattern, hormones, food tracking, and what to do with all of this information.

In this episode we mention the food tracking guide.

Here's your homework for this episode.

If you do all three of these, you will change the trajectory of your nutrition and your active lifestyle.

Assignment #1

Schedule a free discovery call with Holistic Nutritionist, Stephanie Dalton.

Assignment #2

Schedule a free call with the host Lyn Lindbergh to learn more about staying consistent with exercise.

Assignment #3

Download Stephanie's food diary guide and Lyn's tracker to see what you learn in four days of tracking.


Visit Stephanie Dalton's website, Chia and Chocolate.

Learn more about COUCH to ACTIVE.

Get a copy of Lyn Lindbergh's award winning book on Amazon.

The COUCH to ACTIVE Podcast is hosted by award winning author Lyn Lindbergh.

Learn more about COUCH to ACTIVE here.

Get a copy of Lyn’s book on Amazon.



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