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You want it ask why.

Breaking Barriers: Ask Why

Breaking Barriers #1 - YOU ASKED WHY

The cornerstone of my progress this year had to come from me and me alone. This isn't arrogance - it's reality. It started with me badly wanting to make the lifestyle change. Yes, of course there are multitude of factors that both support my goals and pose challenges, but none of it would be possible if I didn't want it. No amount of doctors showing blood work results, or reading books would have made two hoots a difference without me seeing the vision of where I wanted to go. I had to want this path, I mean really badly want it. As in, I think about it every single day - several times a day.

To get there, I dug deep and asked myself WHY. My answer had to be deeper than the platitudes we read in click-bait articles. I had to want it for me. It had to have the power to stick. Once I thought I had the answer to "Why this?" I dug even deeper and asked myself, "Why is that my answer for why?"

Next I challenged myself on how honest I was being with myself. Is this my real and honest answer? Or an answer I've been told to think? Knowing deeply why I wanted this became the root of my motivation.

Ask yourself WHY?

Then ask WHY THAT?

Dig deep and see where you land.

This is one of 10 breaking barriers posts.


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