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Do it - Buy clothes and gear that fit.


Egads-oh-my, did I just say that out loud? I attached so much personal shame to purchasing a larger size of clothes that I simply didn't. I hate this topic and yet, I'm laughing at myself sitting here typing.

After LIFE sent my scale tipping in the wrong direction, I spent a full year unwilling to buy clothes that fit because what I had in my closet was good enough and I "knew" that in just a few weeks I'd fit back into all of my old favorites. I WRONGLY assumed that buying a size or two larger would be a waste of money, and a depressing admission of failure. As my yoga pants became my go-to getup I had a very dear friend, who herself has gained and lost 100+ pounds, encourage me to face reality and buy what fits right. She said trust me, you feel better. It's not vanity.

It's honoring yourself where you are - right now - TODAY.

She was right. In moderation, there is a case for retail therapy.

For the fitness challenge, I also needed to gear up to break my weather barriers. This is a fun topic for me. Since I LOVE the outdoors and currently don't have a gym membership, I need the gear to get outside in the elements.

Every. Single. Day.

My shopping list for walking in the Pacific NW.

- Trail Running Shoes - dedicated them to the mud.

- Running gloves

- Wool socks

- Heavier rain jacket for walking when it's miserable outside.

- Reflective anything for the dark. Stay visible. Stay alive.

- Fleece full zip sweater with zipper pockets.

- Head lamp

- Emergency headlamp (tiny at REI)

- Mace - yup, learn how to carry/use.

- Visor - rain or sun, this will quickly become a favorite.

- Optional: Ultralight backpack for going the distance.

Note for the ladies - Get a couple of sports bras you love. Also, running tights - with thigh-leg pockets are the best, but don't blame me when you can't find your phone because it's glued to your thigh. :)

I haven't given away my smaller sizes quite yet, because hey, I'll fit into them in a few weeks right?

March 20th Update: My ultralight backpack failed me after 2 hours in the wind and rain in the Oregon Coast. It's still a favorite for packability, but I need to find the best ultra-light WATERPROOF backpack for severe weather.


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