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Challenge Your Barriers

Breaking Barriers #2 - I CHALLENGED MY BARRIERS

In an effort to make fitness a priority, had a bad habit of trying to squeeze in time to exercise using nothing other than pure grit. This was horribly unsustainable. Duh, right?

I had to shift my thinking and be more proactive.

One thing I did was to make a list of everything in my way of fitness, then challenge one at a time. For example, I had always assumed that exercising at 5 pm was impossible because that is exactly when I'm finishing a long day at work and should be cooking dinner and monitoring kids homework. However, I decided to take a leap and do a 5 pm workout once a week. I knew it wouldn't work, but thought what the hey, let's give it a try. To my surprise, not only was it perfectly fine, but my family actually looked forward to me being gone once a week...gasp! They enjoyed the down time, and even more liked my good mood when I got home.

Not all barriers are easy to break, or even realistic to move. However, some like the example above, are surprisingly simple.

Challenge your barriers.

Be bold.


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