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Fat Kid Dance Party with Bevin Branlandingham

Heal from years of body oppression and find your self-love practice through the Fat Kid Dance Party.

“The way you talk to yourself becomes your inner dialogue and the way you talk to your kids becomes their inner dialogue. It’s time to reclaim what we say to ourselves and others about our bodies.”

Bevin Branlandingham is the creator of the Fat Kid Dance party and has a message of self-love and compassion for all.

“The more I lean into who I really am, the better my life gets. Caring for myself is a radical act in a world that wants me to be punished for my body size, for my gender, for my sexuality, for everything that makes me different. I had the audacity to live in myself and see my body where it was at.”

Bevin’s Fat Kid Dance parties are aerobics classes that are open to anyone who believes that all bodies are good bodies. There’s only 4 rules to attend.

Rule #1: There’s no wrong way to do a Fat Kid Dance Party.

Rule #2: We will cheer you on for being awkward.

Rule #3: If you want to sing along go ahead and if you can’t sing, sing loud.

Rule #4: We high-five for self care.

Everyone gets a high-five for showing up because showing up is the hardest part of working out.

“If you are experiencing oppression, you are basically being told you’re not allowed to take up space. I really believe people experience oppressions like trauma. It’s a form of trauma to be constantly told that you are not enough.”

“You are enough, you’re strong, you’re capable, you are smart, you don’t have anything to prove. Your body is perfectly fine just the way it is.”

When thinking of her childhood Bevin said, “My value was inside myself the whole time.”

To learn more about Bevin:

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