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Throw a party to stay active.

Breaking Barriers #10 - I THREW A PARTY

I invited my friends to join me in

walking challenges

abs challenges

mileage challenges.

I invite invited them

out for a walk

around the block

up the hill

along the shore.

I made plans that were outside.

In person


On the phone

It is my friends - my party - that gets me there every single time.

The picture above was at the end of the 2016 November walking challenge that was held virtually on Facebook. We kick-start the cold weather by challenging ourselves to take a walk every single day. It's our bridge that gets us to dust off our cold-weather clothes and remind ourselves that weather doesn't need to be a barrier to staying active.

November 2017 Walking Challenge - The start of our Facebook Group for the November 2017 Walking Challenge is available for you to join. I'm not advertising it yet however anyone can put in a request to add themselves and their friends. It's a free event that's all about finding and active community when the days are darker and colder.


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