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Donuts and beer at 9 AM?

There's a new fad in town and this one deserves some attention.

It's the Seattle Lard Butt - 1K. That's right, it's less than one mile. I went last year for the first time, and I definitely don't want to miss it this year!

Lard Butt 1K

An Event Dedicated to the Below-Average Athlete and Weekend Warrior in all of us!

Donut stops every 250 meters!

Seattle, WA

June 9, 2019

Missoula, MT

July 20, 2019

When the Lard Butt 1K first debuted, I wanted to go see for myself this new sport of 8 AM beer followed by three rounds of donuts to benefit the University District Food Bank was all about.

The morning of the event I struggled with my 5:30 AM alarm. What the heck am I doing? It's only a 1K, I'll be skipping the 8 AM beer and will be served 3 rounds of Krispy Kreme donuts that I will want to eat – but won't. However, my curiosity was enough to get my own lard butt out of bed. I wanted to see this wacky event with my own eyes.

When I arrived I immediately loved the diversity of people of all sizes all shapes awake on a Saturday morning to do something active. What I found even more refreshing, was that everyone was truly kicking back and having a good time. There was no stress, no drama, no warmups or jockeying for the best spot at the start line.

This was a group of fantastic people

who knew how to have have a good time,

and wanted to get in a little exercise.

The costumes were awesome. Just use your imagination: Doughnuts, Lard Butt, 1K. That's right, you get the idea. I also met a friendly gorilla, walked by two Tyrannosaurus Rex , Met a night in shining armor, and passed a pair of pants so big that it took three people to fill them. There was even a potbelly pig on leash. Say hello to Hamilton the friendly pig.

My half-done costume hinted of defiance, but I didn't care.

In comes: The Queen of Kale.

Yep...showing up as a kale loving queen, with my magical kale wand and hippie-looking crown made of fresh organic kale was about as bad as wearing the away team's jersey to your home game.

My rally cry: "I am The Queen of Kale! I use my magical wand to remove all calories from our donuts and make them gluten-free!" I'm a good friend that way. You're welcome.

As the countdown to the start began our favorite 80's dance tunes rocked, the crowd cheered, and the rest of us danced.


Waddlers at the start line were cheered, runners were booed, but most of us didn't even notice or care. The majority of us were focused on something else ahead of us. Our mission, Capture the Donuts, had begun.

Our mission,

Capture the Donuts,

had begun.

(Warning, the following paragraph contains graphic details of healthy living and might be disturbing or offensive to individuals who just want to eat their donuts in peace.)

As we approached the first donut station, I assumed that will power and grit would have to get me through the next 30 seconds. This morning, was not going to cheat on eating healthy. I was determined not to blow it on a bunch of Krispy Kreme donuts before 10 AM. And I was even more determined to figure out how the heck to have fun when I'm leaving half the fun out. I came prepared with a basket, that I would use to gather donuts at each stop - and not eat them.

All fears of being successful were quickly dissipated when I realized that my dear friends had my back. They were more than happy to "take care" of my donuts for me. Oh duh, of course. Mission accomplished on that front.

What struck me was that here was a group of people who embraced the idea of getting out, having fun, and getting in a little activity at the same time. These people are not afraid of thinking outside of the box or blurring the lines of fitness and fun. The laid-back don't-take-life-so-damn-seriously attitude was refreshing. It left me jazzed.

The laid-back


attitude was refreshing.

Nobody was counting steps or finish times, and definitely nobody was counting calories, but everybody was having a ripping great time.

Check out the video below!

All video/audio was captured with an iPhone. It's amazing what a phone can do these days.

Note: I am not affiliated with Lard Butt, nor was I compensated for this blog post. I just love to spread on unique ways to get moving.


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