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Look your beloved in the eyes and say...


This has been my single most powerful tool in finding a way to maintain an active life. As part of my effort to make fitness a priority, I needed to rally support. I looked my loved ones in the eyes and with love said:

"My health is important to me so I am going make my fitness a priority for the rest of my life - and I need your support."

I held that gaze and was amazed at the love and support I've received in return. This was a big deal for me because I haven't always had this support in my life or even thought it would be ok ask for it. Years later, I'm now in a new space where asking for support is not only encouraged but I am also being enthusiastically met with support. For this, I am forever grateful.

This won't be everyone's experience. If you're efforts to connect with loved ones are met with negativity, my heart feels for you. If you are lucky, then your loved ones probably just need to hear this from you daily for a month before it will sink in. If you try this and make no progress then you've got to think long and hard about how to make a shift in this space. You know it's important, and you're probably already thinking about this. Since you badly want to be active/healthy your mind will continue to spin, searching for a solution. Breathe deep because you're probably already carrying stress about the topic and reading this sentence twists your stomach into a knot. This is ok. In years long past, I was there being met with negativity at every effort to make space for my health, and it's an incredibly tough space to live. Keep your eyes open for ways you can solve for this.

Never, ever give up on yourself - EVER.

Keep searching.

Be your own hero.

Be brave.

A special note to all my loved ones and this 30 Day Challenge Team - You encourage me and get me out there moving - Every. Single. Day.

Thank you. - You Rock!



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