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No pizza cravings and free anti-aging? There must be a catch.

My Experiment: Day 7 - I'M NOT IN IT TO LOOK YOUNGER.

Day #7 Report: Yes, the predictable results of my "Take Care of Myself Month" are happening. You know - more energy, less weight, increased positivity yada, yada, yada - sheesh, sounds like an infomercial! But I've stumbled across three surprises....

My personal experiment for the month of March is to take care of myself 100%. Sleep, exercise, eating healthy, drinking water, daily meditation. This is day #7.

Surprise #1

I couldn't sleep last night

For 7 days, I've slept more than I have in probably my entire life. On a typical day, I pretty much pass out every night and then use my ninja skills in the early morning to pry myself out of bed and stumble towards the coffee. However, after 7 nights of this whole sleeping-good-thing, I was WIDE AWAKE last night, for HOURS. Not due to insomnia, or stress, or a sleeping disorder. WIDE AWAKE because I simply had enough sleep already. This morning I was also wide awake feeling good. It's about 4pm - no afternoon slump. So THIS is what they mean by "feeling rested". Keep this up and I might actually drive my friends and family nuts.

Surprise #2

I'm not very hungry

On the food side of taking care of myself I've done all the usuals. I'm pretty much eating lots of fruits, even more veggies, and some protein with coconut oil and a few seeds. I'm not counting calories or carbs. After about 2 days, my cravings switched off. For me this is completely amazing. I even ordered pizza for others in my house. You know, the thick crusted steaming pile of melted cheese with little pools of perfect grease? The ultimate blend of salt-fat-and-sugar, could-live-on-it-for-3-days kind of pizza? Yea, you know it AND - I was legitimately happy with my simple kale and shrimp salad. The jury is still out on WHY this super power to skip the pizza is happening and IF it will last. Regardless, it was a WELCOME surprise this week.

Surprise #3

I'm looking younger

I never would have guessed that my best quick-fix anti-aging crème couldn't be bought and would be free for all. This has been the biggest surprise of the week. I don't want this month to be about surface skin-deep improvements. BUT if looking younger comes with the results of this experiment, then what the hey - I'll take it.

I've always TRIED to take good care of myself,

but never COMMITTED on all fronts,


I won't be able to sustain this 100% of the time for the rest of my life. But for this 1st week, I’ve become a fan of my own crazed experiment.


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