Weller Smith Design - Lyn turns successful online course into a published book.

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Finding Success as a Self-Published Author with Lyn Lindbergh.

This is an interview with the president of Weller-Smith Design, Leanna Weller-Smith. She is a New York City based designer and the designer of Lyn's book, COUCH to ACTIVE.

Listen to the full interview here.

Do you have a course and are looking for a new way to leverage the work you put into it? Have you ever thought about turning that into a print product?

If so, you will love this conversation that I had with Lyn Lindbergh, the self-proclaimed, Bad Couch Guru! Lyn took her own experiences with trying to get healthy and fit, and created a simplified plan to help people finally get off the couch and start moving so they could finally live a life they love! I had such an amazing time working with Lyn and her team and am happy to share this with you.

About Lyn

Lyn calls herself the Bad Couch Guru because she believes that life is better with a wink and a smile. She spent decades as a high-performing manager in corporate pressure cookers and for ten years was single-momming it. It nearly broke her, but she kicked butt and survived. She gathered her corporate savvy, education degree, and fitness certifications, and she mashed them up with her massive frustration at the fitness industry’s status quo that is failing most of us. The result: COUCH to ACTIVE. She’s the author of two books, including COUCH to ACTIVE, which recently was named as a finalist for the Best Book Award in Diet and Exercise.

Listen to the full interview here.

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