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Finding Success as a self-published author, Lyn Lindbergh.

Finding Success as a Self-Published Author with Lyn Lindbergh.

This is an interview with the Founder of Blogger to Author Beth Brombosz and Lyn Lindbergh.

How successful can your self-published book really be? And, what do you actually need to do to create and market your book to reach that level of success? From the outside, it can be difficult to know what to expect from you self-published book. Will it be a total flop, or will you consistently sell copies? Will bookstores want to sell your book? Will your book have an impact on your business?

From time to time, I like to bring you interviews with real, successful self-published authors. I think hearing from these authors helps us get a better idea of what we need to do to make our books a success. And, hearing what other people are doing to market their books and use those books to build their business might inspire you to do the same.

In this episode, I’m very excited to be interviewing Lyn Lindbergh, author of Couch to Active. I first spoke with Lyn on the podcast last summer in Episode 70: Hiring Help for Your Book. I’m grateful that Lyn is back with us today to talk about everything that she’s done to make her book successful since we last spoke. You’ll hear what Lyn has done to successfully market her book, how she’s gained national recognition for her book (and was even a finalist for a book award!), and how she got her book into bookstores (including the big-name store I get asked about all the time!).


Lyn calls herself the Bad Couch Guru because she believes that life is better with a wink and a smile. She spent decades as a high-performing manager in corporate pressure cookers and for ten years was single-momming it. It nearly broke her, but she kicked butt and survived. She gathered her corporate savvy, education degree, and fitness certifications, and she mashed them up with her massive frustration at the fitness industry’s status quo that is failing most of us. The result: COUCH to ACTIVE. She’s the author of two books, including COUCH to ACTIVE, which recently was named as a finalist for the Best Book Award in Diet and Exercise.

Learn more about COUCH to ACTIVE here.

Get a copy of Lyn’s book on Amazon.

Get the Minimum Exercise Recommendations here.



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