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What is the SUNDAY STRETCH all about?

Sunday Stretch
Cannon Beach, Oregon 2017


I know, it's not a secret. Staying flexible and maintaining mobility is something we all need to do for an entire life. I don't care if you're 12 years old, or 112 years old. FLEXIBILITY is IMPORTANT. We know this, and it's the core of what has become my zany hobby.

It's quirky, but I don't care. Whenever I can, I pause and stretch in places that are unconventional for that type of activity. That's right, I sit myself down just about anywhere and reach for my toes. I've stretched in storms, on slimy rocks, over a cactus, near total strangers, and I'm just beginning. On a good day I also snap a photo or convince a friend to join me in my crazy. Then each Sunday I share a SUNDAY STRETCH post that makes me smile. It's an odd hobby - but in a good way.

Seattle, Washington 2017

A few weeks ago I was walking through downtown Seattle by The Great Wheel and I came across a street drummer who had a rockin' beat going on. It was just about sunset and slightly rainy. The ground was a little wet but I didn't care. I sat right down on the sidewalk next to the drummer and did my stretching. I told him about my quirky hobby to stretch in random places. I learned his name was Josh. He was a great sport with the biggest smile and didn't miss a single beat. He made my day.

The childlike fun of it all

more than makes up

for how weird it is

Tubac, Arizona 2017

You know me, I'm playful but rarely do anything pointless. I prefer to dive deep. Here's more behind the scenes heart of this eccentric hobby of stretching in random places.




Manzanita, Oregon 2017


I like to think beyond just physically stretching. It is a mental and physical time to stretch beyond what I could do previously. I aim to go the distance.


I pause and breathe, then repeat.


I thrive when I'm having fun with life. I can grind through a lot with grit, but why do that if I can accomplish the same and have fun? My quirky hobby of stretching in random places is one way I've shifted this responsible-adult routine into living with a spark of life.

Manzaneta, Oregon 2017


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