What would happen if I took care of myslef 100% of the time for just one month?


Last month I was given some bad news, the kind of news you don't normally post on Facebook. I lost my job. My entire team was restructured and let go. Y'all know me pretty well, I'm the queen of making lemons out of lemonade and I don't sit still very well. So after I spent a sufficient amount of time feeling sorry for myself, crying through boxes of Kleenex, sleeping in, organizing files in my office I never use, listening to Adele on repeat play, and calling friends to just say hello, I got restless.

Then - it hit me.

For the first time in my life,

I have time on my hands.

Yes, I know I've already filled up the time with figuring out what's next for me. But wait. Pause. Hang on a second. For the first time, it looks like the next few weeks won't be in a whirlwind. My calendar is quiet. My kids are mostly grown. I'm not working, and I haven't filled my calendar with other commitments. For the first time ever in my life I have time to float and do more with passion and less from obligation.

It was then that the ah-ha moment came.

What would happen if you took care of myself 100% of the time for just one month?



Eating healthy

Drinking water

Daily Meditation

What would happen if I did this for one month, every day with no exceptions? What if I didn't do this halfheartedly, but was all in? No cheats. No exceptions. How would my physical, mental, and emotional strength improve? Would it make that big of a difference? Am I capable of doing this and are staying positive? Will it change my life forever? Could I end up wishing I did this decades ago? Or will it pan out to be just a crazed experiment?

I'm all in on this one… starting tomorrow.

I'm letting you know because when I go public with my goals, magic happens. And besides, y'all are a fantastic group of friends that are super supportive and not afraid to poke fun at me. I love that!

Cheers to whatever the heck may come of this!

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