How to ditch the weekend warrior rut and make fitness a part of your life


I was a weekend warrior and mostly sedentary at my desk during the week. I wasn't always like this, but it had become my new unwelcome reality. The struggle to stay in shape was real and I knew it was shaving days off my life. I became desperate to fix it. We all know the text-book-perfect well, hydrate, sleep, stay positive, make realistic goals, etc. But I came to a point where even that seemed unreachable.

So then what? Do I give up or postpone health for when the kids are grown or I after I retire?

No way.

In my stubborn-with-a-smile style I relentlessly discovered hacks that have helped me shift back to a life of daily fitness. I had to craft what worked for ME. I had to go beyond the usual and figure out what would was relevant to me today. It was a long process of discovery, and my list continues to evolve.

Many of these items are less than conventional, some are serious, some silly - but all are mine. Maybe, these will help you discover what works for you. I'll sharing a series of posts that talk a about each item in my own breaking barriers list below.

Breaking Barriers: How I ditched the weekend warrior rut and made fitness a part of my life.

  1. I wanted...

  2. I made a list that included...

  3. I looked my loved ones in the eyes and...

  4. I committed to loving…

  5. I bought this…

  6. I got all jazzed about...

  7. I had to accept...

  8. I leveraged my...

  9. I refused to...

  10. I threw a party.

There are 10 breaking barriers posts that talk about each of these topics.

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