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The Book - Week ONE: The Basics (2 of 9)

Episode 33 - The book, welcome.

This is the second episode of a nine week series covering the entire COUCH to ACTIVE book. This episode helps covers the basics of getting yourself off the couch. You may think you already know these concepts, but do you live it?

Here's your homework for this episode.

When you complete this assignment you will have a deeper understanding of how the next 8 weeks will change your life.

Your Assignment: Memorize this motto.

"My body needs exercise,

My body will always need exericse,

This will never change, it's not-negotiable,

It's Science."

Get Your Free Finisher Sticker! Lyn is giving away free finisher stickers to anyone who completes all 9 weeks of this series.

To get your free finisher sticker:

  1. Listen to all 9 episodes in this series. (This is episode 1 of 9)

  2. Email your mailing address to with a statement of how COUCH to ACTIVE has helped you.

Lyn will send your finisher sticker to you in the good 'ol fashioned snail mail.

Sticker Update for 2019: We will definitely have enough stickers to last through 2019. You may email for your sticker today, but remember, to be a true finisher you must promise yourself that you will listen to all 9 of these episodes as they are released.


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The COUCH to ACTIVE Podcast is hosted by award winning author Lyn Lindbergh.



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