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Scrap feeling so fat and out of shape


Should you start another program, pill, or protein powder? Buy a piece of exercise equipment and renew a gym membership offer? Most of these promise that if we simply handover $29.95 we'll magically receive the health or shape we desire. But wait, there's more! Big sigh…been there, done that. Sheesh.

There's hundreds of amazing fitness products and programs available to us but being able to actually sustain an active life is the mystery we can't seem solve.

We want to feel empowered – but are left deflated.

Here are few of my tips to get you started TODAY.

Tip 1: Ditch the the F-word

If the word "fat" is a hot-button shame word for you; switch up your phrase "I feel fat and out of shape" and replace it with: "Today I will make my move to an active lifestyle." Words are powerful. The harder this is for you, the more important it is to practice.

Tip 2: Dig Deep

Pause right now and take 2 minutes to walk through these questions.

  1. Think of a person who can influence you and be supportive. It could be someone in your life, a celebrity, or historical figure. Pick someone who has weathered their own tough times. Who did you pick? Why them?

  2. Next, imagine yourself telling them what you truly think and feel about being more active. What did you say?

  3. Now, imagine them responding in a way that is supportive and motivating to you. What do they say? What do you hear? The positive self-dialogue is important.

When I walk through this exercise, one of my fitness colleagues comes to mind. She reminds me how far I've come and reassures me that I've got this. She laughs with me and teases me for my worry. The humor is exactly what I need.

Tip 3: Start your Pick-1-Challenge

Start small. Start now. You already know this.

Here's how you can get started:

  • Pick 1 exercise

  • Do the exercise 1 minute a day

  • For 1 month

Its that simple. For me, this has been surprisingly motivating. A few months ago I started with calve raises, then added abs, and now squats. Learn more here:

Tip 4: Lighten up

Friends will become more supportive if you give them something positive to support. On the flip-side it's easy for friends to jump on your bandwagon of negativity. Your task is to tell your friends that you have decided to be more ACTIVE and that you are committed to staying POSITIVE. Not sure you can be positive? Try telling your friends this, "I am working on figuring out how the heck to lighten up and be more positive." Don't be surprised when your friends say YOU are their inspiration. It happened to me, it will happen to you.

Positivity has a funny way of coming full-circle.

It's no secret, getting back into shape is harder than staying active. Start with small steps, hold your chin-up, and you will get you there.

Let's get started.


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