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How to remember to exercise.

Forgetting to exercise is easy. Remembering is hard. Let's solve this once and for all.

In this podcast episode, Bad Couch Guru, Lyn Lindbergh helps you uncover ways to make exercising every day easier to remember.

Here's your homework for this episode.

If you do all three of these, you will massively improve your ability to effortlessly remember to exercise.

Assignment #1

Ask yourself, how do you remember to get things done today?

Assignment #2

Ask yourself, can any of these ways you listed above help you remember to get in exercise each day?

Assignment #3

Schedule a meeting with Lyn to help you fast-track your progress towards your goals.


Learn more about COUCH to ACTIVE.

Get a copy of Lyn Lindbergh's award winning book on Amazon.

The COUCH to ACTIVE Podcast is hosted by award winning author Lyn Lindbergh.

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Get a copy of Lyn’s book on Amazon.



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